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The FPV Training Experience

Take your drone piloting skills to the next level by learning to fly a First Person View racing drone. Skip the do-it-yourself hobby and learn from a highly experienced professional in the drone industry. Manual flight of a multirotor allows for advanced flight dynamics that will set you apart from the competition. Not only do these skills help in videography; the manual control of a drone allows you to enter buildings or clear obstacles whatever the scenario may be. 

Right now training is only offered in person and each course consists of 5+ hours of training. I recommend renting equipment from me (Radio/Goggles/Drone) but if you have already purchased hardware that is fine. 

Basic Training

Advanced Flight Dynamics

Customized Training

Learn how to manually control a drone in "Acro" mode. This type of flying has no assistance and allows the pilot to execute the most extreme maneuvers. Guaranteed to be a challenge!  

With Basic knowledge of how to fly and control an FPV Drone, Advanced Flight Dynamics introduces maneuvers around obstacles to execute the most efficient flight path.

Need drone training outside the pre-set courses? Book a call today to discuss so we can curate a custom training experience that is tailored specifically to the drone skills that you're looking to obtain. 

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About FVP Training?

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